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Presa Canario  -  Canary Dogs  -Appearance &

Presa Canario dogs and members of the mastiff group.  
They are fearless and confident and the breed is massive
and strong.  With a deep chest and a broad head.  The jaws
are also very strong.

How Big can a Presa Canario get ?

An adult male will range from 110 to 140 pounds. An adult
female will range between 90 to 120 pounds.

What colors can they be ?

A variety of colors exist in the traditional patterns of fawn and
brindle, often with white markings. Fawn ranges in shade ,
Including silver fawn, gold fawn, and red fawn, all with the
black mask.  The brindle or tiger-striped pattern comes in
variations of brown, black and most exotic, reverse brindle.

Are they dangerous ?

No, They are and can be very territorial.  They are incredibly
loyal and will not hesitate to protect a loved one.

How are they with children ?

Great !  Actually a properly socialized Presa Canario is one
of the best pets for families with children because they are
so watchful of the ones that they know and love.
Conventional wisdom states that and adult should be
present when dogs are around young children.

How are Presa Canario around other animals ?

In some situations, the Presa Canario can be aggressive
towards other dogs and animals.  Once the dog has been
socialized and trained, this becomes the exception instead of
the rule.   Many Presa Canario share their homes with birds,
cats, dogs, horses, reptiles and other animals.

What is a Presa Canario's temperament ?

These Dogs are very even tempered, stable, extremely
intelligent and easily trainable- they even seem to enjoy it.
Presa Canario


The ancestors of the Presa Canario, or
canary dog were probably brought to the Canary
Islands by the Spanish Conquistidors, and coexisted
with indigenous cattle dogs from the beginning of
the fifteenth century. These dogs served many
purposes.  They guarded the farms, helped catch
and hold cattle, and exterminated wild or stray dogs.
In the 1940s, the breed began to decline in
numbers.  In was revived again in the 1970s, when
reputable breeders developed and bred Presa
Canario true to their original size and character.

Presa Canario dogs have experienced ups and
downs in the course of history. These dogs are now
gaining popularity with the quality of the breeding
stock being constantly improved.

The breed originated in the Canary Islands, which
got the name after the dog, not a famous bird.  In
fact, the word "cane" gave rise to the island name.  
The island was referred to as "The Island of Dogs."

The Presa Canario dog  originated from the strong
smooth - coated found on farms and used as working
They were called Majero and are believed to
resemble the Perro de Pastor Malloquin and the
Cao de Castro Laboreiro.  These dogs were widely
spread on the territory of the Canary Islands before
the Spanish were settled there.

In the 19th century, Mastiffs and Old-style bulldogs
appeared on the canary Islands. These dogs were
crossed with the native dogs and the end
result was the Canary dog, also referred to as the
Canario dog.

The Presa Canario was recognized by the
United Kennel Club on January 1, 2003.
Presa Canario

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